The Polarity Mastery Program is being re-designed as a 2 year program of learning modules that explores Polarity theory and application at a deep level within specific contexts. 


  • Learn from the collective experience, latest thinking, and current application from Polarity Thinking™ Mastery faculty, graduates, and Barry Johnson, Ph.D, the developer of the Polarity Map®.
  • Build depth and breadth of your knowledge, skills and experience in applying in Polarity Thinking™ in specific contexts including experiential applications, diversity & Inclusion, leadership coaching and many others.
  • Promote your growth and visibility as a skilled and knowledgeable resource in the Polarity Partnerships community
  • Contribute your unique gifts to the Polarity Thinking™ theory and practice in a supportive learning community

Program Components

  • Meet every 3 months at Kayser Ridge Retreat & Learning Center or on location/near a client site
  • Use The Polarity Approach for Continuity and Transformation (PACT™) with other participants as consulting team
  • Develop and apply Polarity Thinking™ knowledge and skill competencies to self and systems


  • Completion of PACT™ Foundations and Professional Applications
  • Experience applying Polarity Thinking™ for clients and/or client systems

For more Information on Mastery modules and scheduling, e-mail